2015 LINE UP:


JErickson - art

an interactive projection piece from John Erickson. Folks can look forward to finding his piece nestled among the trees waiting for you to experiment all weekend long. Just know; the more you boogie the better it gets.

After realizing how much he disliked memorizing lines in college John rediscovered his love for editing and computer FX and has been doing projection and video design ever since. During his many years living in Colorado John has managed to expand his knowledge of all things design including lighting, sound, film, and graphic design. His specialties include show programming, 2.5D animation and photoshop. He currently resides in Brooklyn and works in the greater NY area but enjoys traveling and long walks on the beach when possible.


Prepare yourselves. Battyjack will be bringing a full sensory experience to Valley Lux Festival. Battyjack’s DJ set will be accompanied by an amazing video piece customized for our unique stage. Peep the preview of some of D’hana Perry’s previous work, “LOOSE”. We are so stoked to see the whole experience live!

Battyjack (D'hana Perry) is a Brooklyn based DJ, video artist and documentary filmmaker.  Perry is a member of the music & art production group, KUNQ alongside False Witness (Lit City Trax), Micah Domingo, Rizzla (Fade to Mind), and Stud1nt. Perry's ongoing work LOOSE, has been featured at the Brooklyn Museum, MIT, Harvard University, Parsons New School of Design, MIX NYC Film Festival and the Museum of Science Charles Hayden Planetarium for the Together Electronic Music Festival.


Valentina - art

Valley Lux Festival is first and foremost a gathering of artists. We aim to bring together communities to revel in our friends talent and experience art as a group. We offer an alternative way to experience artists work that has a hard time being pigeon-holed or held to a single genre. “Under the Same Sky”, from new-media artist Valentina Forte-Hernandez will be a stunning, interactive piece, visually representing our shared experience.

Valentina Forte-Hernandez is a digital artist who works primarily with video, installation and computer programming. In her coding work she aims to use art and interactivity as an opening to enter computer science. Her primary interests are animals, geometry and video games.


Szpunakapeda - bio

The Szpunakapeda Bandita Art Collective will be brightening up what few walls are available at Valley Lux Festival. Szpunakapeda artist collective is a community of artists dedicated to spreading their work far and wide through workshops, shows and live paintings. Their stunning pieces will be up at the pavilion and live painting will be shown at the mainstage. Check out more of their amazing work on their facebook page.


Asa - art2

Asa Patterson builds and repairs audio equipment in the Pioneer Valley and we’re happy to have some of his tinkerings available for interaction. The “Manus Organ” is an interactive instrument “with a more obvious artistic focus rather than the more utilitarian approach [Asa has] taken to building amplifiers and effects pedals. [Asa’s] hope is that people will be excited to mess around with the instrument and ask questions about how it works if they feel so inclined.”


Kallok - 5

“Light Meals” will be available for consumption at Valley Lux Festival. Masterfully concocted by artist Peter Kallok, Assistant Professor of Theatre Design at Hampshire College, his piece, “Light Meals”, will be “...offering a chance to carefully observe the complex colors and textures of what we eat and creates a fresh opportunity to challenge ideas of consuming –moving one’s relationship to food from a tactile experience of ingesting to an experience of visual absorption.”