The Valley Lux Festival will have Brewmaster Jack exclusively on tap.

Brewmaster Jack was started in 2011 by Tyler Guilmette. Tyler began brewing out of his small apartment in Northampton, Massachusetts at the age of twenty-one. Eventually, Tyler decided to take the weekend hobby to the next step and took his idea to the Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The good folks at Paper City were able to allow Tyler access to fermenting space at their facility along with all of their brewing and packaging equipment. Thus, Brewmaster Jack was born. 

The business remained a one-man operation for the first year and a half while Tyler built the brand and perfected the quality of the beers. Every bottle and keg was delivered by Tyler during this time. Eventually we were able to hire a few people and expand while continuing our self-distribution model. In 2014 we signed on with the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance to expand distribution across the state of Massachusetts. This switch allowed us to expand our offerings, improve freshness, and focus on what we're good at: brewing delicious beer. 

As we move into the years ahead we've taken some time to reflect on what our mission is as a company. Brewmaster Jack was founded without any specific niche; just this sort of nebulous blob of love for craft beer. We didn't want to limit ourselves to focusing on particular styles, brewing only with specific ingredients, or selling only in a specific area. We wanted to see which direction the public wanted us to go; what the new generation of craft beer lovers expected. Along the way we identified our strengths, areas in which we could improve, and what values we wanted our company to be based on. And in the end, we found it was all about the people. So our mission became centered around the beer-drinking public, our wonderful employees, and our own friends and neighbors in Massachusetts. We simply want to provide people with the option for readily-available, high quality craft beer. To accomplish this, we keep our focus on providing the highest level of customer service, creating an atmosphere that allows our employees to thrive, and supporting our local economy at every opportunity.

Sip and Sway Tea is a progressive herbal tea company run by a pair of lively ladies who know and love the festival circuit. By exploring the power of herbs under the guidance of clinical herbalist teachers we discovered the innate ability each individual has to tap into a greater awareness of their bodies in order to heal. We found that herbalism matched the instinctual and fluid nature of the festival community of which we were already a part. As we simultaneously explored the world of herbalism and enjoyed the free-spirited nature of festivals, Sip and Sway Tea was founded.

Our mission is to promote a balance between an exciting and energetic lifestyle with the restoration of the body, mind, and spirit. Our holistic, herbal blends are customized to those who need a little pick me up without wearing out the body, folks who want a detox after a rough night or simply wish to cleanse the body; anything the individual feels they need! Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves, Sip and Sway Tea just helps a little.